3 component polymer system to reproduce the colour of indigo-dyed raw-denim. Dark colours on desized jeans resp. jeans with a light wash-out effect are possible. Application by spraying, preferably on desized jeans. To achieve a maximum improvement of the rubbing fastness and at the same time darkening of the indigo-colour. A combination with INDIGOFIX R-NEW is recommended. Full, soft, bulky handle.

RESIN LF (precationized low-formaldehyde glyoxal resin). RESIN FFK (precationized zero-formaldehyde glyoxal resin). RESIN COT (low-formaldehyde glyoxal resin to be combined with catalyst). RESIN FF (zero-formaldehyde glyoxal resin, to be combined with CATALYST FF). For fixing wrinkles with a good washing fastness. Product details available in the indivdual product leaflets

Garments are being treated with a special selection of resins, catalysts, softeners and silicons in such a way that the garments do not show wrinkles after wearing and washing. They should have a good surface stability and crease recovery. Durable good handle and only limited or no ironing should be required. For details see leaflet on wrinkle-free finishing.